Step 1:

Property Evaluation:  An acredited Professional Property Stager (PPS) will schedule an appointment to walk through the property to determine staging requirements. The estimate fee is collected prior to the walk through.


Step 2:

The Estimate:  A PPS will source & reserve furniture/accessories for the project; schedule a time for delivery; schedule a staging team & create a detailed configuration specific to your needs.


Step 3:

Client Approval:  If the client is satisfied with the estimate, a 50% deposit will be collected to confirm the staging event. 


Step 4:

Staging Day:  This is the day your Professional Property Stager and their team will transform your Property and showcase it for market readiness.  The remainder of the fee will be collected on that day.

An SSP is usually the result of an LSP Consultation. It focuses on: 


Preparing your home for market can be overwhelming for some sellers.  These sellers may require assistance with completing the recommendations laid in their LSP report. Staged N Sold provides more than 21 services to complete the job. We areyour one stop shopping service. Our team of professionals can assist you with packing, cleaning, staging, removal of unwanted items, rentals and more. 

1st visit—A Sellers Tool for market readiness:


The initial visit includes a 2-hour analysis and a comprehensive detailed written report of recommendations provided onsite. It is our fiduciary duty to our clients to arm them with the best tools available to them to get their home sold quicker and for top dollar. This visit includes a room by room walk through with the clients sharing details and recommendations throughout.


2nd visit—Picture perfect showcasing:


Once the recommendations have been fulfilled and the house is ready for market, your certified  PPS (Professional Property Stager) will return for a 1 hour fine tuning.    Your home needs to be picture perfect, it is the job of the PPS to make sure all details in every room are showcase ready.  Plus, receive your sellers kit & aftermarket package.

Staged N Sold is recognized for its unique three level Professional Property Staging Service program. 

We are a one stop shop, providing our clients with more than 20 services! 

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